In our LINGO Online speech-powered game system players actually converse via microphone with in-game characters, who give immediate graphical corrective feedback on pronunciation, fluency, word stress and sentential stress issues. Good speaking performance is immediately rewarded with in-game currency which players can use to purchase better gear and power-ups!


Chat systems, gestures, harvesting, crafting, item sets, character levelling, avatar customisation, friend lists - all these features are expected by young digital natives in their online game worlds. These features are ignored by almost all educational game developers. But not by us! Players in our games are thus deeply engaged and self-motivated.


Players battle robots and creatures with the power of correct speech. Their powers and defences are powered up depending on how well the players speaks, thus connecting the actual gameplay with pedagogy in a uniquely entertaining manner. Drilling English pronunciation was certainly never so much fun!


In the LINGO Online system teachers and parents can access assessment reports online, so they can easily understand and respond to player needs and progress. This reporting system provides a window into each player's performance and progress in speaking English and, in the case of teachers, their class's performance as an aggregate.