Speaking Champs is a series of interactive storybook apps with an integrated reading tutor. This automated speech recognition system is designed to "listen" to children read aloud and provide immediate spoken and graphical feedback. Created in partnership with Carnegie Speech Company, Inc. these titles improve reading fluency, pronunciation and comprehension.

Each book has been created using Unity making full use of both 2D and 3D scene elements. Complementing the speaking practice, each app has vocabulary hot spots and a glossary of words. Rewarding the reader, each app has a collection of badges and achievements that encourage repeat practice.


The first adaptation for Ministry of Education, Singapore titled “Reading Champs” includes two books: “A Tale of Cats and Mice in Singapore, by Stacey Low Loon” and “The Magic Box, by Samuel Goh”. The two storybooks are reproduced with permission from Ministry of Education, Singapore.