This is the official Virtual Reality (“VR”) app of the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. Discover and interact with exhibition “experiences” in 3-D. Designed to be simple, fun and engaging - ACM:VR takes the next step into the magic of history.

Featuring stereoscopic 3-D environments and objects, this app takes you to places difficult to imagine and allows you to piece together amazing events from the past.

Supporting 2 modes, one for standalone devices (Non-VR) and the other for smartphone+VR Viewers such as Google Cardboard. Users can explore faithfully reconstructed scenes that place historical artefacts in contextual surroundings.

Discover, unlock and interact with artefacts in your personal collections.

Virtual Reality has been a long talked about frontier. Today, combining affordable VR Viewers and a mobile phone device, audiences can now take a slice of the past and interact in the present within 3D spaces.