MMO Games

Magma Studios has a strong track record in 3D MMO games. Since our first product launched in March 2011 (World of Temasek) the team has been refining our platform and tools (MagmaCORE) to make best use of the Unity game development ecosystem. Our fully-featured MMOGs have since been launched for Singapore’s Ministry of Education (V.A.S.T.: Voice Activated Spy Tech) and Unilever’s brand Paddle Pop (World of Paddle Pop / World of Max).


Extending our multi-platform capabilities, Magma has launched mobile AR applications and games. Based on the World of Paddle Pop / World of Max MMOG, Magma has created a stunning runner game (Max Dash) available on App Store, Google Play and web. Magma continues to explore new game mechanics to “Challenge the way we play”.

Augmented Reality

Changing the Way We See the World.

Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) continues to gain momentum and mindshare, which is amazing for a technology that few people have actually had the opportunity to experience yet for themselves. That’s about to change. Magma specialises in producing vision-based AR, which means that it uses the camera to recognise an arbitrary image and superimpose 3D graphic content into the live video so it appears to co-exist in your physical environment. Magma is using AR to build games, extend print and media campaigns with interactive 3D content, and create educational applications that bridge the digital and real worlds.


The Future of Video Games is multi-platform.

Magma Studios passionately believes that the future of social games will be console-quality 3D on multiple-platforms including smartphone, tablet and web-browser.

With this direction in mind, Magma Studios is currently developing 3D games for Facebook, App Store and Google Play in genres where 3D matters! (racing, dance, combat, etc.).